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The dog bite attorneys of Macfarlane Law, PLLC in Ogden are animal lovers, especially of dogs. Even though dogs may display affection and love towards people, they can also cause harm to individuals. We understand there are many problems that might occur after a dog bite. Frequently, individuals bitten by a dog don’t know where to start and what steps to take. 

Fortunately, our personal injury law attorneys of Macfarlane Law, PLLC can help dog bite victims. When you turn to our dog bite attorneys you can expect to get the necessary medical treatment, psychological consultations, physical therapy, and plastic surgeon evaluations. Even if you do not have medical insurance, we will help you get the required medical help you need. We can connect you with doctors who are able to treat you on a lien and then get paid once your case settles. This process protects the doctor in a personal injury case while helping clients. 

Understanding Why Dogs Bite 

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It’s important to know that any dog can bite, no matter the size or age of the animal. Even the cutest, sweetest add fuzziest dog can bite. Some of the reasons dogs bite include:

  • A dog may bite due to sickness. If a dog is not feeling well it may decrease their tolerance for reactivity. This will increase the chance of a dog attacking an individual. 
  • There is sometimes a disconnect between dogs and humans as they do not speak the same language. Often individuals may misread interactions with an animal as being friendly, when it is actually a threatening behavior.
  • Inadequate or lack of training are also large reasons for dog attacks. 

Despite the training and supervision of an animal, getting bit by a dog is an everyday possibility for many Utah residents. Even the sweetest and most well behaved dog can attack if it's cornered, scared, or injured. Accidents will happen and most incidents are out of the dog owner’s control. However, the dog owner is ultimately responsible for their pet. 

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If a dog bite accident happens to you, Macfarlane Law, PLLC will help you understand your rights. As a Utah Dog Bite Lawyer, you can expect many benefits from hiring our law firm. Our services include: 

  • Immediate doctors visit to examine your injuries, 
  • Assist in getting medical bills paid 
  • Get you reimbursement from time missed at work
  • Help you obtain a plastic surgeon consultation for permanent scars
  • Obtain a psychologist consultation for any emotional issues

Macfarlane Law, PLLC has successfully represented adults and children who have been attacked by dogs throughout Weber County. We have the means necessary to help you see medical specialists who are able to provide treatment and care without any upfront cost to you. If you or a loved one has been recently injured from a dog bite or another animal attack, rely on Macfarlane Law, PLLC when you need a dog bite lawyer.

At Macfarlane Law, PLLC, we understand how difficult your current situation can be and how to handle your claim to ensure your rights are fully protected. It is our top priority to give the legal advice needed for the best possible outcome. We’re confident you will get the settlement you deserve as you put your trust in our Ogden law firm.

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