Child Custody In Utah 

One difficult decision newly separated or divorced parents face involves choosing where the children will live. The parent who has primary custody of the children is called the custodial parent. However, the noncustodial parent will be able to have regular visits with their children. 

Defending Your Parental Rights

Parents are able to have joint custody of their children. Unfortunately, this does not mean the time is divided evenly among each parent.  Instead, it refers to a living situation where the children live part of the time with each parent rather than living with one and visiting the other. With joint custody, the parent who has the children the majority of time is called the primary custodial parent. The decisions for custody are important since they directly impact visitation schedules and child support amounts.


Child Custody Lawyer

Many parents think if they do not have physical custody of their children, they do not have the right to make important decisions.  In most cases, regardless of the custody arrangement, both parents continue to share responsibilities and important decision making.  These decisions involve education, health, and the overall well-being of their children.

Get Help with Custody Modification 

Circumstances can change after an agreement is made, making it necessary to modify custody. Some of these changes may involve one parent moving, or the primary custodial parent is participating in harmful activities, such as drug abuse. In such cases, the courts can change custody orders if the environment is unhealthy for the children. It is important to understand how overwhelming the child custody process is. Your attorney can help in the following ways.

  • Your attorney will help you reach a fair custody arrangement.
  • Your experienced attorney counselor understands both the emotional and legal challenges parents face during a custody case.
  • Your provider attorney will help you to know what to expect in court if an agreement is not reached between both parents.
  • Your child custody lawyer will show to the court why the arrangement you present is best for the child.
  • Child custody issues can be challenging. Because of this, your attorney is an important resource in reaching the best possible solution. 

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